Process for Handling Disclosures

All disclosures to our Office are treated fairly and equally. Our staff supports the Commissioner by following a standard processes.

Steps for handling disclosures

All disclosures are received and reviewed by us. You may be contacted for clarification or additional information required to thoroughly review the disclosure. A detailed admissibility report is then submitted to the Commissioner, with a recommendation to either proceed or to take no further action.Sometimes, we will recommend another, more appropriate mechanism to address the issue. 

The Commissioner then reviews the disclosure file and recommendation report to determine if further action is needed, including launching an investigation. The Office has set a 90 calendar day service standard to complete this first step in the process.

Procedural fairness and natural justice

Our Office respects the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice to protect the rights, interests and legitimate expectations of individuals. This means ensuring that investigations and the decision-making processes are both fair and reasonable. 

For additional information, consult the Investigations section.